Sunday, December 16, 2012

Today I tucked them in tighter.

The reason we know there is a God, is because we KNOW there is a devil. He lives in the world and plies his evils. The evidence is overwhelming to his existance. How then can one deny that there is a goodness as well. It seems more distant at times than the evils but that is because this is not our home, it is the devils; we do not belong on earth forever. We were sent here to learn Love and beauty; to understand the fortune of these occurances; that is only accessed through freedom and specifically freedom of will. Let me explain, something that is beauty, art, people, nature; a rose, comes into this world, is created by a random occurance of chances that work; seeds are scattered, some take; the rain may come, it might be in a drought; but a rose finds its fortune, and blooms into its glorious existance. As well as we are all some random event of fortune; our creation is the most random and fortunate of all. What it took for the seeds to have scattered in such a way that they would have grown. What it took for the organisms to form to create us. What amazing feats would have played in the cells organizing to create something that could breathe the air, survive the elements and grow to be something that could one day do so much more. Yet we are here. This is not an adaptation; we are something out of nothing; this is the randomness of a perfect plan; this is God's creation. We were given free will because that is what Gods beauty is about. The choices we make resulting in a randomness of events that end in the eventuality of a creation of pure beauty. Like planting a rose, or sculpting a statue, singing a song of praise, or making a baby. Please understand that the beauty cannot be perfect on earth. Always keep in mind he made earth as our classroom, so that one day we could be brought back to him and show him what we learned of beauty by singing our songs of praise.

P.S. To the baby angels please help the rest of us remember to be grateful.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Today...Find Her.

Where is that girl that lived in your mind quite often, you wanted to be more like her.. she was ponytails to your barrettes.. an a-minus to your b-plus.. when you threw like a girl.. she threw harder.. she went by your name.. and followed you everywhere.....
Find her.
She had no fear of taking chances.. perhaps neither do you
she challenged you... sometimes you took her up on it...
when she couldn't stand still...
neither could you...
she wouldn't let you go the motions...
she reminded you...
never settle!!!
when she got older
and smarter
so did you...
she gave you fair warning...
she could achieve more than you if you let her...
she said your doors would open...
only if you gave them a serious push...
Where has she gone...
the one inside who pushed you
is she gone forever..a memory forgotten
or is she right here
right now!
looking right through your eyes
asking once again...
if you have what it takes!
Find Her.

"United States Marine Corps Recruitement Pamphlet" 1998

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Today I realize my purpose.

The purpose of the day was to test me. However, during my exam I realized that I am supposed to test the day. My goals in life are multiples and scattered. If I am able to examine these goals; each one, seperately. Then I will be able to exceed beyond all expectations. My place on this earth will be defined by my accomplishments and my peace will be found in the after-life. My goals should be things that I would not want to miss on my epitaph. That I would want others to look upon with foundness and respect.
Improving my education; to train to use that skill, to make a difference in someone elses life.
I will not forget the profundity, that is the blessings that have been given to me. The being who created me; who thought to make ME, has given me so many reasons to Love back. I want my legacy upon this earth to be one of purpose and Love.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Today I've encountered a wall.

I know that even as I stand looking up at this 10 foot tall, red brick wall, in the future I will be climbing over it. My will to look past all obstacles on my path with Jesus will barrel me forward to seemingly insurmountible odds. I will look upon his face one day and know that I have built the road to him with the rubble from these obstacles, I have demolished. Thru it all I will know that to wonder what is beyond this wall is to know it will only be another obstruction until it is the All Humble face of Jesus.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Today I am speaking the truth....

In my humble opinion, if you disagree with me feel free to no longer be my friend. I am a Christian. I praise Jesus for dying on the cross and being reborn to save me from my sins. I am a Conservative. I do not agree with providing welfare to the unemployed paid for by the employed without adequate causation to do so. I believe that marriage is defined by a man and a woman, for the purpose of procreation; to produce an atmosphere of equal representation by both sexes, in order to balance a childs upbringing correctly. Just because I believe in opposite sex marriage being the pivotal point for a balanced civilization does not make me afraid of homosexuals. I simply know the truth and disagree with same sex fundamentals. Just because I did not nor would not vote for President Obama does not make me a racist. If you were to vote for him based on the color of his skin that would in fact make you a racist. I simply do not agree with his acts as president nor his political beliefs as a whole. If you believe that I am someone who has forced my opinion on you with this post feel free to unfriend me. If I have insulted you in any way please feel free to no longer consider me a friend. But if you believe that my freedom of speech and religion are the 2 most important laws a lawmaker can uphold; than you are a Real American.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Today we pray.

Today I am asking for the patience that I need to recieve His plan for me. I am working toward a goal but I am required to be patient and wait for the right moment to come along when the Lord gives me what he has been storing up for me. His blessings that he has been waiting himself, for His perfect time, to bestow them upon me. I know I will grateful when I recieve them but I will also be more blessed and more abundant than I, myself could have ever imagined. For his ideas for me and my life FAR exceed the meager dreams that my imagination could concieve. His intentions for my future are beyond what I could even make up. With His will I will have all I ever wanted and all that He ever wanted for my life as well. All with my patience for Him. I must wait on His good timing and abide in his hopes for the future. His will above all else.